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By Glenn D Madokoro, MD
October 21, 2016
Category: Gastroenterologist
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Having GI distress? Then find out if an endoscopy could give you the answers to your stomach issues.

There are many symptoms that may warrant a trip to see our Newport Beach, CA gastroenterologist, Dr. Glenn Madokoro. An endoscopy endoscopyis a handy diagnostic tool for being able to detect the cause of symptoms such as abdominal pain, heartburn, nausea, gastrointestinal bleeding or difficulty swallowing. Find out more about an endoscopy and how it might be able to give you the answers you’ve been looking for.

An upper endoscopy is an outpatient procedure in which our Newport Beach GI doctor will place a thin flexible scope into the upper digestive tract, which involves the esophagus, stomach and the duodenum (the upper portion of the small intestines). As we already mentioned, an endoscopy is recommended if there are certain digestive symptoms like bleeding or abdominal pain. An endoscopy can also be used to detect inflammation, polyp, ulcers and tumors.

Why an upper endoscopy over an x-ray? Because it’s a lot more accurate at being able to pinpoint any abnormal or even cancerous growths. Plus, if we do happen to find a suspicious growth or polyp we can easily take a sample of it to analyze. You wouldn’t be able to do that during an x-ray. Plus, we can also treat bleeding caused by ulcers and remove stuck objects found within the stomach or esophagus.

What You Should Know Before Your Endoscopy

Before your procedure you will want to sit down with us and tell us everything about your medical history including past surgeries, any heart conditions you may have, allergies to medications or if you are pregnant. It’s important that you give us as many details about your health and medical history as possible so that there are no complications. After all, your health is our top priority.

We will give you information on what you should and shouldn’t do prior to your procedure. For one, you won’t want to eat or drink anything for about eight hours before your endoscopy. If you are taking any medications for a heart condition or high blood pressure we will also give you full instructions on how to take those medications prior to your procedure.

Our Newport Beach, CA gastroenterology center is here to address all of your concerns. From chronic heartburn to diarrhea, we treat it all so that you can get back to what really matters: your life!