Benefits of a Follow up Colonoscopy

You’ve just gotten a colonoscopy. Now what? 

A colonoscopy is performed by our gastroenterologist Dr. Glenn Madokoro to screen for colorectal cancer, diagnose gastrointestinal problems and monitor the health of the colon after polyp removal. After your colonoscopy, it’s essential that you follow up with our Newport Beach, CA, team for recommendations, especially if polyps were removed or problems were detected.

Abnormal Findings During Your Colonoscopy. What Does This Mean? 

If any problems were detected during your colonoscopy, Dr. Madokoro will discuss them with you after your procedure. You may find out that we removed an obstruction, stopped bleeding within the intestines, detected inflammation or ulcers, or removed polyps. So if problems were detected during your colonoscopy, what does this mean exactly? Well, it probably means that you’ll need to schedule a follow-up appointment at our Newport Beach, CA, practice to find out if additional testing or treatment is required. If polyps were detected, here's when you’ll want to schedule your next routine colonoscopy with us,

  • If we removed one or two polyps under 10mm in size, you can continue to get routine colonoscopies every seven to 10 years. If these polyps were over 10mm, you’ll need to get your next colonoscopy within 5-10 years (this is something that we can determine during your follow-up appointment)
  • If we removed three or four polyps under 10mm, you can wait 3-5 years for your next colonoscopy. If polyps are over 10mm, you’ll need to come in every three years.
  • You'll need a repeat colonoscopy every three years if an adenoma under 10mm was detected and removed.
  • You'll need a colonoscopy annually if we find and remove any adenoma over 10mm.

The larger the polyps are and the number of polyps you have will determine how regularly you’ll need to come in for colonoscopies with our team. We can discuss this with you in a follow-up appointment, which you should schedule immediately after your colonoscopy so we can discuss next steps.

Whether you have a family history of colorectal cancer, you’re dealing with digestive problems that won’t go away, or you’ve just turned 45, turning to our Newport Beach, CA, gastroenterologist Dr. Madokoro and his team for a colonoscopy could save your life. Call (949) 548-8800 to schedule your next colonoscopy or follow-up appointment.

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