What Is a Polyp?

Dr. Glenn Madokoro your gastroenterologist in Newport Beach, CA, helps patients with all kinds of GI conditions, including polyps. Polyps are very common and are often harmless, but they can become cancerous which is why we remove them. If you have polyps in Newport Beach, CA, or are concerned about your gastrointestinal health, we can help.

What is a polyp?

A polyp is a noncancerous growth or tumor that occurs long the digestive tract, most commonly in the colon. Most polyps do not cause any symptoms, so you wouldn't know you even have these until getting a colonoscopy. It might be scary to hear that your doctor has discovered polyps, but you're certainly not alone because up to forty percent of our patients who have a colonoscopy end up having polyps.

Polyps are more likely as you age, but we don't know of a definitive cause so screening and getting a colonoscopy when your doctor recommends is important. There are different kinds of polyps and the type you have may help your doctor determine if you have a probability of developing colon cancer. There are polyps that become cancerous when left untreated, but most are benign and can be removed with little risk or side effects.

Removing polyps

Colonoscopies are recommended because benign polyps can be easily removed during a colonoscopy as they are discovered. If your Newport Beach, CA, doctor discovers polyps in your colon, there are a few options for removing them. Polyps can be removed with a wire loop device, biopsy forceps, or cauterizing the polyp base with an electric current. When the polyps are removed they are examined by a pathologist to detect any cancer.

Your gastroenterologist in Newport Beach, CA, is here to help if you are concerned about polyps. To make an appointment with Dr. Glenn Madokoro, contact (949) 548-8800.

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