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What Exactly Are Colon Polyps?

Have you had your colonoscopy yet? It may be time to check for a polyp in Newport Beach, CA. Dr. Glenn Madokoro will provide you with professional care as he screens your colon for any issues.

What is a Polyp?

During your colonoscopy, your gastroenterologist will lookout for small benign bumps called a polyp. A patient may have one or several of them. These are mostly found in adults, but researchers are not 100% sure what causes a polyp to grow.

An adenoma is a polyp that may turn into cancer.

Hyperplastic polyps are the most common ones. These polyps result from the growth of extra cells in your colon.

Inflammatory polyps occur during inflammatory diseases of the colon such as IBS or Crohn's Disease.

What is a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a procedure to test for colon cancer. Dr. Madokoro will only need to check for a polyp in Newport Beach, CA once every five or ten years. This timeline will change if he finds adenomas during the exam.

During the procedure, we will use a flexible tube to examine your rectum and colon. If any polyps are found, we will remove them during the colonoscopy. Once removed, the polyps are examined under a microscope to check for cancer.

What Causes a Polyp to Grow?

These benign bumps may form due to heredity or diet. Getting older will also accelerate your chance of developing them. You are at the highest risk when you are over 50 years old. If colon cancer or polyps run in your family, you are also at risk.

Eating a colon healthy diet of vegetables, grains and fruits will help keep your colon healthy. You should also limit or cut out high fats, alcohol, and smoking.

If you have risk factors or are over 50, don’t avoid a colonoscopy because you don’t have symptoms of cancer. Call 949-548-8800 to check for colon polyp in Newport, CA. Dr. Madokoro’s office is a safe and comfortable option for your colon screening. 

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