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Reasons You Need an Endoscopy

Do you experience symptoms like chronic constipation, stomach pains, and ulcers? Maybe your doctor has suggested that you get an endoscopy to inspect your digestive tract from the inside. Dr. George Madokoro offers the procedure at his practice in the Newport Beach, CA, area.

Here are some reasons why you might need an endoscopy:

Stomach Pain

Some patients have stomach pain that interferes with eating and digestion. It can be hard to eat nutritious foods regularly if your stomach experiences constant pain before, during, or after eating.

Gallbladder Polyps

Polyps are small sacs that form in the walls of the gallbladder. These polyps are sometimes cancerous. An endoscopy can help your doctor determine if the growths in your gallbladder are malignant or benign.

Injuries of The Esophagus

Some conditions like alcoholism leave the esophagus tender and inflamed. An endoscopy will allow the doctor to see the damage and determine an appropriate treatment plan. Heartburn, overuse of medications, eating very late, and other habits can contribute to the injuries sustained in the esophagus.

Gastrointestinal Esophageal Reflux Disease

Sometimes the upper valve of the stomach does not close completely, allowing for the acid to flow back into the esophagus. This is also called acid reflux. An endoscopy will show the extent of the disease and possibly what is causing the backward flow. This condition is also called heartburn.

Internal Bleeding

Bleeding can come from the vagina, anus, or bladder; it may also not be apparent until you have a bowel movement. Endoscopies can help get to the bottom of why you are experiencing bleeding.

As you can see, endoscopies are nothing to fear -- they are at once preventative and diagnostic. If you have any further questions, contact Dr. Madokoro in Newport Beach, CA. You may reach us at 949-548-8800 to schedule a consultation. See you soon!

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