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Following up After Your Colonoscopy

Colorectal cancer, also commonly known as colon cancer, is among the most preventable types of cancer, provided that you’ve been screened with hidden symptoms while you’re still healthy. Essentially, screening tests can uncover precancerous growths or polyps located on colon walls that doctors could then remove.

Take note that these aren’t cancer—yet—and the majority of them haven’t started turning into cancer. This means that removing polyps in their precancerous state will prevent them from developing into cancer. However, you’ll need routine follow-up appointments and testing to check if you develop more polyps over time.

In this light, here’s what you can generally expect when you visit Dr. Glenn Madokoro here at Glenn D Madokoro, MD in Newport Beach, CA, for your follow up colonoscopy and checkups.

When to Visit Your Gastroenterologist for a Follow Up Colonoscopy

Regardless of whether you’ve had your polyps removed, your doctor will recommend follow-up visits, which will involve repeat colonoscopies. The specific timing of these checkups will be dependent on what type of polyps you had, their number, and their size. For instance, if your polyps were large, approximately more than 10mm or more, had an irregular appearance and were many, you should have a repeat colonoscopy after three years at the latest.

On the other hand, if your polyps were small or less than 5mm, you’re considered to have a relatively low risk of developing cancer. This means that you’ll only need to go for a follow-up colonoscopy in our Newport Beach, CA, office every five years. Likewise, if your first colonoscopy finds zero polyps, your follow up colonoscopy will be after 10 years, which is the recommended schedule for most people.

Making The Most of Every Colonoscopy

Keep in mind that to prevent cancer, a colonoscopy should be accurate, which means that your doctor will need to find and eliminate as many polyps (if applicable) as possible. Whenever you undergo a colonoscopy, you need to do your part to ensure that your gastroenterologist can inspect your bowel without issues. This means that you should follow all the colon prep instructions of your doctor. This will likewise prevent the need for repeat procedures.

Reach Out to Us For Questions or Information on Your Follow Up Colonoscopy

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