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What Is A Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy screens patients for colon cancer. Recommended for people ages 50 and older, this minimally-invasive test looks for Ulcerative Colitisirregularities in the bowels, takes samples for biopsies, and uncovers the reasons for chronic diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, and other problems of the lower GI tract. In Newport Beach, Dr. Glenn Madokoro is your go-to gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy. Is it time for you to have one?


What to expect

During a screening colonoscopy our Newport Beach practice, your gastroenterologist will use a thin lighted tube to inspect the interior of your lower Gi tract, including the ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, and rectum. He takes real time and still images of the lining of the bowels and looks for problems such as diverticulitis and, more importantly, cancerous growths and polyps.

Many individuals over the age of 50 have benign and precancerous polyps. While these lesions themselves are not necessarily cancerous, some may become malignant over time. In fact, all colon cancer arises from polyps.

Dr. Madokoro performs a colonoscopy in about 45 minutes with the patient positioned on their left side. Typically, patients are sedated so they can respond to simple commands but feel very relaxed or even drop off to sleep. You should also know that this GI test is painless. In fact, most patients say that bowel prep the day before the procedure is the most difficult part of it. To prepare, you'll consume only clear liquids and take a large volume of cathartics to thoroughly cleanse the large intestine.

Finally, after your test, your gastroenterologist will review his findings with you. Biopsy results may take a week. You'll be driven home by a friend or loved one and resume your usual activities the next day.


Get Peace of mind

If you're over 50 and you know that it's time for your screening colonoscopy, call Dr. Glenn Madokoro for an appointment. You'll receive complete prep and aftercare instructions so that you know what to expect. Phone (949) 548-8800 today!

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