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What Are Polyps?

Are you suffering from polyps?polyps

Dr. Glenn Madokoro, your Newport Beach, CA, gastroenterologist, is an expert when it comes to detecting polyps so if you're in need of a colonoscopy, here are some things you may want to know beforehand.

What are polyps?

Polyps are a noncancerous growth that can be found in the lining of the bowel. They occur in your gastrointestinal tract but are found most commonly in the colon. Polyps vary in size and look like bumps or mushrooms protruding from the bowel.

Screening methods are important and necessary to detect polyps. Your Newport Beach gastroenterologist may recommend a colonoscopy to detect these polyps so that he can remove them.

What causes them?

Polyps are common among adults who are estimated to be an average of 60 years old. The cause of polyps is unknown, but experts think it may be due to a high-fat and low-fiber diet, or genetics.

What types of polyps are there?

There are two common types of polyps:

  • The hyperplastic polyp, which isn't a cancer risk.
  • The adenoma is thought to be the origin of many colon cancers.

How often do I need a colonoscopy?

Cleaning the surface of your colon is important. Your next colonoscopy will be set by your doctor, but the timing he sets will depend on the following factors:

  • The number of polyps and the size of the polyps. If they are small, then your doctor will schedule repeating a colonoscopy in three to five years. If, however, they are large and flat, then your doctor may recommend you repeat the colonoscopy in a few months.
  • The type and quality of the polyps' tissue

For more information on polyps, colonoscopies and how to remove polyps, you need to contact your Newport Beach, CA, doctor, Dr. Glenn Madokoro, at (949) 548-8800 today!

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